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The event has come and gone, but I would like to share some reflections since the talk in the Mind Museum.

First of all, the Mind Museum is one fun place where one can learn about what they call the “hard sciences” in more concrete and exciting ways. Concepts that are usually very abstract and difficult to understand were made easier through fun visuals, manipulatives and even life-size replications. They also think of various activities for their clients, like the Mind Burst weekend.

It was in the Mind Burst event that the GURUFirm was invited to speak about the 5 People You Will Meet in School.

A brief rundown on the different stereotypical cliques was discussed, as well as the characteristics and developmental tasks of adolescents. It was an easy discussion as the audience consisted of pre-teens, teens and their parents, who were able to relate to the concepts presented…

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Apart from preparing to leave, which primarily includes fitting my whole life in a luggage, I’ve been involved in several meaningful projects with the best group of people. 

My fellow educators and I received an Open Research Grant from the UP Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development. We’ve been busy preparing for the first phase of the research proper. This involves purchasing equipment, software, and new toys and materials we will be making use of. The research will run for several months until the second semester of the academic year. The topic is really interesting and fun: it’s about how children interact with unstructured play materials like blocks, playdough, water and sand. It is a pity I won’t get to see this project through it’s end, but I’ve enjoyed working with the research team. 

Also, a group of my teacher-friends and I have gathered to put up our own training and consultancy firm that we have conceptualized and dreamt of when we were all faculty members in the University. Now that most of us have more time to do the legwork for it, everything is gradually falling into place. We are all hopeful the our company, GURUFirm, will be able to touch more lives, empower people, and cultivate more lifelong learners.

And of course, I’ve been busy making rounds. By that, I don’t mean like in hospital wards, but with friends. It really is true that people would want to see you off before you go someplace else. 

Hay, thinking of all the people and things that I will miss makes me so……. *sigh*