It started with my friend moving houses. Then me moving rooms.

Okay, stop. In retrospect, I will not be able to pinpoint just when change happened because it has always been happening and it will always happen.

Change is always difficult for the most part. Uncertainty has a way of seeping through one’s soul–unforgiving and relentless. It makes one question and doubt decisions made. Much at the same time, change could also be exciting and exhilarating as there would always be something to look forward to in anticipation.

As such, I believe change makes us stronger and wiser. When placed in a tight spot when we have to decide on things that would affect our future, and when faced in unforgiving situations of weighing out responsibilities, we are able to get to know ourselves better. We get to know our weaknesses, failures, mistakes, fears, and doubts. We realize that we can thrive in our beauty and core strength. We find inspirations and motivations. We seek out feelers in our environment to provide us with comfort–may it be in the form of friends, family, or even situations. In this way, change is able to mold us into beings that are improved versions of previous ones.

That’s what I would like to believe anyway.

Because in the realm of harsh reality, we can only hold on to our faith in things we believe in so we would be able to remain unscathed in this unending journey through change.