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Shout it loud,
Ever slowly,
Flying high,
All my loving,
Keep on trying,
Bits and pieces,


What I feel for you should be written as a love song,
Published in a book,
Shouted to the world.
But what i feel for you–
How i feel for you–
By describing in words, attempts are futile.

Such a shame how such magnificence remains a secret unspoken,
But otherwise felt even across the miles kepping us currently apart.

Perhaps I could try other languages,
Te amo, jetaime, wo ai ni–
But still.. Still.

I adore you is weak,
I love you is almost not enough,
Because the feeling that is tugging my heartstrings sings a wondrous melody so soulfully deep it scares and excites my being.

And that is how it is. The cause and cure. The strength and weakness.
All rolled into one.

Often, we find ourselves plunged,
Into the waters.
We struggle and we fight,
Seeking the treasure below
And bringing it up as our prize.
On the surface, looking down
Ripple after ripple
Cast shadows to the ground
But they die away
As we learn to be still
Casting clear waters to the sand.
And we see that struggle is necessary
But prize-seeking is futile–
Calmness seeks peace in our hearts.


Sing me to you,
My love, I hear
Your voice,
Sweet whispers,
Intense melodies,
Caressing even from afar.

Sing me to you,
Pull me close,
Close up the distance,
Rythms melting the miles away.

Sing me to you,
As I sing you to me.
A duet of highs and lows:
A reflection of complementing difference,
Beauty bound by love.


The presence of courage in the face
Of uncertainty,
Danger is to be thanked–
Bringing it about,
Lighting up the wick,
Fueling the fire.
Determination amidst agitation,
Action equaled by passion.
Facing the world with burning desire
To push ever forward.


Restless, one step after the other
Pounding on the streets
Directed, aimless, through bustling cities,
Quiet towns
Taking lefts and rights,
Various twists and turns
Wandering feet hunger for more ground to stomp on.

Days, months, years pass
The wandering feet just doesn’t,
Couldn’t stop
Moving ever forward
Albeit in different paces
Gait ever changing–mood-dependent.

Along the way it meets other feet in search of different things–
Gratification, enlightenment, satisfaction
Wandering feet had a realization
That at the end of the day
It gets tired and weary–
Aches have aches, pains have pains,
And though they are a pair, they are alone.

Steps retraced:
Going home,
Back to you.

[But there’s no stopping the wandering feet,
It wandered once more,
But now it brought home,
Instead of two, there are four:
It brought you.]


Song of a Loner

Hair whirls as the air whips around,
I’m on my own.
Frenzied bustling of the city, on the streets,
I stand alone.
Loud thoughts echoing in a dark cave,
My hands grow cold.
Faced with my reflection in the mirror,
Young to old.
Ticking clock, trickling sand–
A reminder
Time might pass, things might change,
But still a loner.